Performance advantages


Heavy-duty machine bed design, welded in sections.

Coaxial processing, high precision, performance and load-bearing.

Excellent shock resistance, high rigidity and stability, good toughness, light weight, corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and high processing speed.

Acme cloud system

Real-time data collection to realize processing intelligence

Real-time monitoring, digital management, improving processing efficiency.

Real-time grasp of equipment dynamics, reduce equipment accidents and extend equipment life.

D Type Loading

Acme independently designs and produces , aiming at the light pipe and small pipe industry, suitable for 30-100mm closed tube type round tube, square tube, rectangular tube, non-closed tube channel steel, angle steel, H-shaped steel, etc.

 Servo feeding, the feeding position is accurate, closely matched with the bed;

Chain transmission, stable structure, suitable for batch processing, high cost performance, one person can guard multiple devices;

E type pocketing

Chain drive, stable structure, strong load-bearing capacity, suitable for batch processing;

The maximum load capacity of the pocket storage area is 3 tonnes, and the additional pocket design saves the resources of the plant aerial vehicle.

H type Loading

The fully automatic loading device, developed by Acme Laser, can be switched on at the touch of a button and put into working condition, intelligently dividing and loading the material without manual intervention, high energy and high efficiency.

Acme’s patented fully automatic loading mode, with fully automatic and intelligent sorting of entire bundles of tubes, saving labour costs and improving production efficiency.

Seamless and precise feeding to the cutting machine, with fast loading speeds of just 15S per tube.

A type Loading

The most stable type of feeder: chain drive, stable structure, suitable for batch processing; 50mm diameter drive shaft, good rigidity, maximum load capacity of the whole machine.

It can accommodate a wide range of pipe types such as round, square, rectangular, H-steel, channel and L-steel.

Acme feeding mode, seamless integration of the feeder on the bed, cutting and feeding at the same time, one person can watch over multiple machines, saving labour and improving efficiency.